Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used to treat a variety of cosmetic concerns, including acne, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, or a dull complexion. 

Chemical Peels are solutions that help to improve the texture and tone of your skin by removing the layers of damaged skin. 

At Redefine by Z, we are able to treat a variety of skin tones. Currently, we offer peels by PCAskin, including the Sensi Peel and the No-Peel Peel that provide great results with no downtime. The chemical peel that will best suit your needs will depend on the specific concerns you would like to target and your skin type. 

Light chemical peels are ideal for mild sun damage, aging, and acne scars. These peels usually involve AHAs and BHAs which are used to gently remove the most outer layer of your skin. This type of peel can usually be repeated once every 4-6 weeks.  


Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) enhance the exfoliation process by loosening the dead skin cells found on the surface layers of the skin. This allows for the removal of the dead skin cells that build up and cause a dull appearance to the skin and give way to a brighter and more even-looking complexion. 

Beta hydroxy acid (BHA), more commonly known as salicylic acid, works on a deeper level in the skin compared to AHAs. BHAs function by penetrating your pores to remove and dissolve dirt, excessive sebum, and dead skin cells. This treatment is effective for lessening the appearance of pores size, oily skin, and fighting acne.

Chemical Peel Procedure 

The process of getting a chemical peel can vary from 30-90 minutes with our practitioner doing portions of the procedure in 15-minute intervals to ensure your comfort and limit the exposure of the chemical to your skin. The practitioner will start by first cleansing your skin to provide a clean base for the application of the chemical peel. The chemical solution will then be applied to the face using a brush and the treated skin will begin to turn white. A tingling sensation may appear during this stage of the treatment. Next, our practitioner will wash the chemical solution off of your face using a neutralizing solution. Instructions on how to care for your skin after receiving a chemical peel will be given to you after your appointment. There is minimal to no recovery time after getting a light chemical peel. 

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Benefits of a Chemical Peel:

  • Correct pigmentation (melasma, hyper or hypo-pigmentation)
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Resurface the skin for a fresh, new you
  • Improve the skin’s texture and tone
  • Strip damaged skin from the face to expose healthy skin
  • Mild to medium strength for a variety of skin types
  • Customized downtime

After Your Chemical Peel

Depending on the depth of peel you’re looking for and the condition of your skin, some recovery time may be required, anywhere from 24 hours to a full week or more. During your consultation at Redefine By Z MediSpa, you and your skin care professional will review all of your custom skincare options, and you will decide whether or not a chemical peel is right for you.

After every peel, there may be some minor swelling in the skin and some redness including mild to moderate peeling of the skin. After-care instructions will help minimize your recovery. Your skin will require high levels of moisturizing home care, and our team will make sure you have the best products during this phase. We recommend an ample amount of medical-grade sunscreen to protect the skin from any damage when it’s freshly exposed.

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No Peel - Peel

This peel is ideal for those who are new to peel treatments.  No down time required. This peel is mild, yet effective in helping to rejuvenate the skin and providing a refreshed appearance.

Sensi Peel

Sensi Peel is a unique chemical peel option for all patients, including those with sensitive skin. This universal 6% TCA solution will improve surface texture and brighten the skin while helping to promote an even skin tone. Our richly melanated clients as well as those with sensitive skin benefit with this peel.

PCA Peel

An enhanced version of the Jessner’s solution, PCA Peel is ideal for darker skin tones and those with sensitive skin. This Peel helps to rejuvenate skin and improve the appearance of breakout-prone skin while also promoting an even , bright skin tone.

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