Medical Weight Loss Management

By now you have definitely read about and heard all the buzz about the Ketogenic Diet. Maybe you’ve even tried it before or know someone that has. 


Ready to shed that annoying 20 lbs ?


Maybe 50 lbs or more?


Let our providers guide you through the process and help you become successful with reduction of weight and an improvement with lifestyle changes.


The Clean Start Weight Loss diet combines keto and intermittent fasting in one program.

We use the ketogenic-based diet to help put your body in ketosis, which then your body burns your fat, using it as fuel and energy, instead of storing it.  Whether you have tried and failed the keto diet, or are new to Ketogenesis, our medically-supervised combination protocol will definitely work for you. 

The Clean Start Diet Program Includes:

  • All weight loss injections
  • “Fat Burning” and B-Vitamin Injections
  • Comprehensive Program Guidebook
  • Medical Body Composition Analysis
  • Lab testing
  • Weekly visits with medical staff