Did you know that your back can also benefit from an Exfoliation treatment?  An often overlooked area of our bodies, the back is not always given the proper amount of care. Exfoliation can help remove those dead skin cells, that over time can lead large debris filled pores and exacerbate acneic conditions. 


Tired of those unsightly acne scars?  Or maybe you have a few superficial stretch marks?  


With our Microneedling Treatments, those scars can become less visible creating a more pleasurable look for you when you look in the mirror. 


Microneedling creates microtears in the skin, causing physical trauma to the skin which prompts rejuvenation and new skin cell growth. This encourages your skin to produce more collagen-rich tissue and appear more bright, smooth, and supple. By combing this technique with our select topical infusions, your skin rejuvenation is enhanced.