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Many of us often forget or dread a very important step in our morning skin care regimen. That is, the use of SUNSCREEN daily!


Sunscreen has often been used more during the summer months when we are more active outdoors to keep our skin from burning, blistering and to avoid the risk of certain skin cancers. Fair skinned individuals have an increased risk of sun damage more than individuals with melanated flavored skin tones. The melanin protects the skin from burning or at least burning as fast. But whether you’re rich with melanin or of fair skin, it is important not to play the avoidance game with sunscreen.


Why the avoidance? For some it may be time consuming to put on, or maybe it’s too greasy.  The smell? Oh yes, the awful scent of some sunscreen products are definitely a turn off. 


With all of that drama surrounding the avoidance of sunscreen, it is still very necessary to use sunscreen daily. The sun brings so much beauty to us, but too much of a good thing overtime can create negative long lasting effects on our skin. 


The sun’s rays are strong and powerful, even on days when it’s cloudy and dreary out. Those ultraviolet rays that we aren’t able to see are still very present and are able to penetrate our skin structures. Those rays go beyond the surface of redness we see to create damage and death to the cell structures underneath.


So what’s the damage we do see? Well for starters, there is premature aging skin. Are people telling you you look 40 and you’re still in your 30s? Let’s also throw in some wrinkles and fine lines. Wondering how and when you woke up with those lines around your lips, or when the lines around your eyes became so noticeable? Let us not forget those sun spots and skin cancers. Not aesthetically pleasing to look at.  


Whether you want to keep a youthful look or age gracefully, you need to make sure you add in daily broad spectrum sun protection. Many manufacturers have made changes to their ingredients over the years. The scents are better, they’re not as greasy, and also very important, less damage to the wildlife in the oceans.  Sunscreen can be found at your local shopping stores from grocery stores to pharmacies. There are brand name products at the big beauty stores and local department stores.  


As you continue with cosmetic preventive measures or enhancements, don’t let your beauty dollars go to waste by not protecting your investment with SUNSCREEN.


Photo by BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific on Unsplash


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